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ninja_test's Journal

Ninja Test
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A character-based icontest for the series of Naruto
Welcome to ninja_test, a character-based icontest for the series of Naruto! Here's our ground rules and what we're all about:

1. This is a Naruto icontest. Unless the entry[s] to this icontest is of a character from the Naruto series, then it will not be accepted.
2. No hotlinking
3. Voting:
-- Vote like this:
•••• First: 5
•••• Second: 9
•••• Third: 14
-- Or:
•••• 5, 9, 14
-- Don't have your friends vote for you
-- Don't vote for yourself, your vote will be deleted otherwise
4. Submitting:
-- The entry[s] must contain the character used for the icontest's subject. [ex. You can't make a Shino icon if Gaara is the subject]
-- No fan art or doujinshi allowed
-- Animated icons are allowed
-- You can submit up to two entries. [either two for one theme or one for each theme]
-- No showing your entries to ANYONE. If your contest is seen anywhere, you will be disqualified. You can always share them after the results are given
-- No digging up old icons. They must be made fresh for the contest.
-- Here's the submission form:

5. Icons are due six days after the entry post has been made.
6. Voting posts will be made the day after the due date.

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