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Ninja Test
Test #6 Entries - Sakura Haruno 
19th-Jul-2008 05:28 pm
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
Our next test taker is the brave and strong-willed main lady Sakura Haruno. Here's the themes!

1. Beauty - Interpret this theme however you like. Shiny stuff ish beautiful too.

2. Lonely - Interpret this theme however you like. This theme would apply well to the time Sasuke left her behind. *hint hint*

Post your entries here like the example below. All comments are screened.

Icon by senbonzakura77
URL: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l277/razzberridust/Graphics/Avatars/5-1copy.png

Ω Up to two icons can be entered
Ω Icons must be fresh
Ω Animated icons are allowed
Ω They must be 100x100 or less and no more than 40KBs

Deadline will be 7/26, next Saturday!
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